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A Look At Three Unsuccessful Viral Marketing Campaigns: As Told By A Utah Marketing Company

Posted by teamp on August 19, 2014 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (1)

There have been ample memorable viral advertising success stories over the past ten years or so, but do you remember some of the flops? An advertising or SEO firm can help any company attempt to use viral marketing, but they will also tell you that it isn’t a sure bet. Some viral campaigns are better known for driving people away from a product or service than toward it. We’ll look at a three examples and learn what we can from their failed efforts.


Unfortunately for some viral marketing campaigns, failure and success can both be spread virally. A Social Media Marketing Agency in Utah can help you increase your business.


Unsuccessful viral campaigns can sometimes be worse than regular marketing campaigns that go unnoticed. We’ll look at a failed text message and email campaign for the television show Dexter’s premiere in the United Kingdom. Another failed campaign involved American carmaker GM letting the public make their own ads for an SUV. Finally, we will look at how the video game Resident Evil: Outbreak’s attempt to spread their own virus went.


Dexter Morgan, the titular character on Showtime’s “Dexter” was utilized to try to promote the show’s debut in the U.K.. A couple ad agencies thought it would be effective to send an unsolicited text message and email to people from the character. This viral marketing campaign was successful if the only measure is the amount of attention the campaign received. However, there are other important measures, by which it failed. Local SEO services in Utah is important to have.


This due to the negative response from those who felt they were getting two doses of spam sent via text and email despite not asking for either message. While attention is good in viral campaigns, upsetting those whose attention you’ve gotten is not so good.


Another mistake in viral marketing came from carmaker General Motors. GM thought they would launch a viral campaign to allow consumers to make their own advertisements for the Chevy Tahoe. This may sound good, but the Tahoe’s critics chimed in with their own commercials. Thousands of environmentally concerned detractors made their own viral videos bashing the large SUV for its supposed contribution to global warming and calling it a safety hazard in accidents with smaller vehicles. Giving your campaign crowd the chance to create an angry mob viral campaign is never a great way to go.


Many people don't understand the internet.


Those who produced the video game Resident Evil: Outbreak permitted a viral promotion via text similar to Dexter’s. However instead of a text from a character, the unsolicited text messages told recipients that they were infected by the “T-Virus.” Telling a mobile phone user that they have been infected with a “virus” using an unsolicited text? It probably doesn’t take an SEO firm to tell you this was not a great campaign. Of course, many who received the texts were genuinely worried about a mobile phone virus in their phones. Contemplating about the effect your medium can have is important for any marketing effort.


Any advertising firm in Utah can launch viral marketing campaigns, but those campaigns that are successful probably avoid upsetting participants, failing to consider the effects of medium, or giving away control of the campaign.